We are proud to offer the North Fork Quail on our menu,
an exceptional breed with rich flavors of dark poultry meat


Quails were first domesticated in the 12th century by the Japanese for their unique song – the heritage breed is Coturnix (or Japanese quail). Over the years, they have been bred for their meat and egg production, laying up to 300 eggs per year. When processed for meat, they average between 6 – 8 ounces.

The North Fork Terroir 

Quails require an environment that has a well-established brushland and a reliable water source. Long Island’s North Fork is a region that is well adaptable for quail – they feel like they are in their natural habitat.

Pasture-Raised Bobwhite Quail

Quail, like Guinea Fowl, are migration birds. As soon as they can fly, they will attempt to migrate West. Bobwhite Quails are a native species to the local North Fork of Long Island.

Feisty Acres Farm in Southold, NY has built an efficient pasture-raised environment for raising these flighty birds. Their farm has many outdoor houses that offer ample room for each bird to fly freely on soil pasture and protects them from predators. This system also protects them from wind, rain, and snow. While this method allows quails to live their best lives, it also requires a lot of effort from the farmer — they have to custom-build these special houses and replenish the soils often.

For the first time, Le Coq Rico will be offering these special birds at our bistro in New York City (available now through December 2018).

The Feisty Acres Bobwhite Quail Release Program

Since Spring 2016, 200 to 300 adolescent Bobwhite Quails are released on the Feisty Acres Farm each season. Along with releasing the birds, Feisty Acres aims to bring to light the importance of managing and preserving land that facilitates appropriate habitat for Bobwhite Quail and other native species on Long Island. All birds released are reported annually to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS-DEC). Releases are held four to five times a year and anyone who is interested is invited to attend a release event.