Chef Antoine Westermann’s cooking style is rooted in his Alsatian identity, with influence from the Mediterranean cuisine of Southeastern France.

He learned to cook at The Hotel School of Strasbourg and opened his first  restaurant, Le Buerehiesel, at the age of 23. The restaurant received 3 Michelin Stars within a few years.

Chef is conscious of preserving his heritage but also understands the cyclical evolution of cuisine—he is often reinventing and innovating new dishes and concepts.

In his three Michelin Star restaurant, Chef introduced 5 signature dishes:

  • Black Feet Chicken with potatoes, artichokes, lemon confit and rosemary, slow cooked Baeckeoffe-style
  • Whole Black Feet Chicken with fresh truffle, potatoes and leeks, slow cooked Baeckeoffe-style
  • Guinea Fowl and Duck Foie Gras Terrine with fennel, hazelnut oil
    Alsatian Egg Ravioli (Schniederspätle), stuffed with onions confit in honey vinegar and Frog Legs with chervil, chicken jus
  • Goose Liver Pâté en Croûte, 12 spices, chicken broth gelée with walnut
  • Bread Pudding poached in beer, poached pear and beer flavored ice cream